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DA doesn't support my current medium. bad form DA
you need a 32bit system and you need to know how to use the repair tool or a live os (like and ubuntu live disc) to replace the modified files with a back up should anything go wrong. I also need an original unmodified 32bit shell32.dll

testing will be tomorrow morning hopefully. i'll have the files ready, i just need you!

EDIT: i'm using virtualbox to test the files, but i still need someone who'll test them too =)
i'm on x64. i've been tweaking shell32 and i ran into an odd issue.. if i replace the file in system32 and in syswow my system throws errors (i think runtimes or something) at log in and things get weirder after that. but if i keep syswow unmodified and change only system32 i get no errors and everything appears to work as intended. from my brief research, i was to understand that you needed to replace both, but when it threw errors i tested the a fore mentioned method and it works fine, so far.

if anyone knows about this stuff please let me know. if you want to chat i use skype or you can find me on facebook @

any help is greatly appreciated. i haven't really res hacked anything since my xp days, and even then i was poking around blindly. with windows 8 coming in the next couple of months, reshacking should be pretty popular for a bit, and i'm eager to learn =)
another quick teaser just for my friends/followers. basically all the major stuff is done. i've gotta do some more tweaking on a few little things then i can do a top taskbar version and drop this bitch, cause it's hot as fuck

from windows development. unfortunately i still have to use windows for gaming.
Tribes Ascend

i'll likely set up an arch linux box in the near future for a little GTK3 dev. if you're not on linux yet, join us now before it's too cool to use anymore
it's amazing what release a free open source theme in the right category will do for your page views =)

thanks for all the support! now if i only had a daily deviation in the windows 7 category i could die happy =p
fake buttons in place of Breadcrumbs.. it's like you took a shit on productivity and LOL'd at it as you clumsily try to navigate your file system.

mean while, i've edited 5 folders full of images while encoding a video and extracting a 16gb archive. (arkham city anyone? =) )

i don't get these youngsters now days.
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anyone know about modifying chrome? i'd like to raise the tabs and toolbar up so that users can use themes like Gaia 09 or the one i just made +1.

the developers of windows apps need to get with the program. glass stopped being hot shit 2 years ago.

on a related note, i really need solid confirmation of what does and doesn't work on x64 when using +1?

i use 7 ultimate sp1 7601 x32. is there any way to build a x64 compatible theme using a x32 system?
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if you care about someone at all have the balls and the decency to tell them when they suck.

endless enthusiastic encouragement = the death of progress.
postbox is fucking amazing and based on thunderbird code, but sure enough it costs money...

i'm trying to turn over a new leaf by only using free software and no pirated crap with the acceptation of games. 60 fucking dollars? how dare you deny me brief distracted happiness? i digress.. what's this about? oh yeah,

songbird, vuse, inkscape, gimp, firefox all epic..
thunderbird falls short however because it's so damn cluttered and difficult. i just want to see my mail. quickly, and with a decent looking app.


ever looked through your hard drive and found a nameless wallpaper that you desperately wanted to rediscover online?

upload it, search it, find it ;)
my activity in the windows 7 community now you can!

i'm turning out (HA) my old devices to afford new ones. this means you can buy a little piece of me xD
in the form of my
Sony Vaio VGN-NS240E (Comes with anything but OSX.. Unless you're the police. Then i meant, Comes with Windows 7)
or my
HTC Aria (Unlocked with Clockwork and CM7)

i'm well aware that this reads like something that someone with a higher number of pageviews might write.. or something someone trying to sell some shit would write.

PICTURES! will be made available soon here on dArt =D

what am i replacing these bad boys with?
a custom box which will dual boot 7 and Linux (i'll drop my specs after i have it)
a Motorola Atrix  (which replaces my laptop entirely)
disgusted by the thought of us turning our desktops in crippled dumbboxes

they already make those. it's called a chromebook. you don't need Windows 7 Ultimate and rainmeter to make your box useless. just take a hammer to it


"Computer! give me file! @#error# What now boss?"
"You're worthless"
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i've been strategically preparing to move out into the big bad world all on my own. even with all the variables things actually lined up exactly as they were designed to (in my head) thus, i proudly sit at my dining room table in my first apartment.

things rarely happen exactly the way you want them to so this was a very welcome surprise and for that i'm thankful (to myself for being an exceptional strategist) to everyone who helped me achieve this goal.

so now i'm broke. if anyone wants to donate an hdtv or a couch, or a years worth of broadband internet service, that'd be great =p
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since i'm back on windows obviously i had to install some classics and shoot guys with my sixaxis using a combination of motioninjoy(drivers), xpadder(key mapping + left stick deadzone tweaking), and joytokey(the smoothness and responsiveness of the right stick is far superior using joytokey than it is using xpadder) i can snipe a fast mover from 1000m or 2m using my thumb and i'll bet money i do it just as fast as any mouse humper. i'm passionate about my sticks. configured right its better than your gay ass mouse, fanboy. what's that? need a whole goddamn desk and a fucking switchboard to shoot a bitch? you're gay  a mouse/keyboard.

back on topic, i use a lot of stuff on my system. lots of ui prettification. that won't do when you're running a game. so what you do is create an alternate user account and turn off everything that isn't the game! try it out if you game on windows.

does anyone know of a better way to perfectly emulate say, cod(ps3) style aiming? using the aforementioned setup my stick is basically that fast and that smooth.. obviously with the variable fps on windows (as opposed to a box dedicated to gaming) it can sometimes feel twitchy but i can shoot as well as on ps3 i guess is my point. if you know of any other key mapping apps let me know =D
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UPDATE: this tutorial has gotten a lot of attention since i posted it 2 years ago.. so i decided to update the information, add information and even a nice video tutorial by andredk which is a little long, but very detailed. i updated the old journal and submitted a new one for good measure =)

installing litestep is not a big deal. it has dependencies like any other application, and without them it will error. assuming your system meets all the requirements right now you can stop reading this and install litestep using the Omar Installer. (omar is the guy who created the installer) litestep was built using the x86 architecture so a x86 system is a prerequisite, however people have managed to install and use litestep on x64 systems.  

before you install litestep on any system you need to be sure you have the microsoft Visual C++ runtimes installed. just install all the redistributable packages! save yourself some headache. 2005 2008 2010
afaik litestep has noting to do with .net, but its probably a good idea to install 2.0 and 3.0

if you're on XP congratulations! use Omar's installer or LOSI (i've never successfully setup litestep using LOSI.. then again i only tried once ;) )

if you're on Windows 7 these 3 additional steps are important.

(1: ) if you have installed LOSI (and litestep gives you errors) remove it. install litestep using the Omar installer found here…

(2: ) upgrade your litestep files to litestep 0.25.0 alpha. (apparently some kind dev's hooked this up back in 09 when vista was crucified and windows 7 emerged, aero, king of super(task)bars. whatever, pft. i'm not a developer, i'm not even sure what all they did(i'm too lazy to read)but you need it)

(3: ) install jDesk version 0.74 and edit your theme.rc so that it uses 0.74. (most modern litestep themes use jdesk 0.73 <<this was true.. 3 years ago.) if you get a modern theme that uses 0.74 it should download and install 0.74 automatically, but if you're using an old theme on windows 7 edit the theme.rc

that should do it. use the utility to set litestep as shell and reboot. if you need any extra help feel free to shoot me a note and i'll help if i can

xPaintClass is modern litestep. we all use the xmodules particularly xLabel, to design litestep interfaces. the modules are amazing. very easy to configure and use. if you download a modern litestep theme you will need to install xPaintClass so that the xmodules can do their thing. follow the link for information. xPaintClass is just a dll. no big deal. the difference between it and basically every other module is that xPaintClass goes in your root litestep directory, not in the modules directory. and that's it! drop that dll in the litestep folder, and load a theme.
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pay money to see a faenza mod for the tango patcher on XP?

looks like no one uses xp anymore =(
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this life void of litestep

retain composure ;)
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this and this

what's the problem? if you can solve it you know more than me.
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i need someone who doesn't use nautilus elementary to test my theme. i'm currently attempting to make a 100% compatibility version for people who don't use their apps the same way i do.

i assume that if i let nautilus and firefox simply fall back to my murrine defaults that they will look fine but i'd like to be sure. let me know and i'll send you a copy of the gtk tonight, or likely tomorrow.