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January 27, 2011
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fresh system for 0'11 by Aaron-A-Arts fresh system for 0'11 by Aaron-A-Arts
i'll never boot windows again =D

unfortunately my hardware doesn't support virtualization, so no OSX )= which means no untethered jailbreak D= i gota wait like a windows user \=

virtualbox is a life saver. i can sync my ipad, and work on school projects without ever leaving the comfort of my ubuntu desktop. i still use cs4 in wine when i want to work in ubuntu tho ;)
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how about Linux Mint LMDE... how's that compared to Linux... now that's a Linux that works everything out of the box... mp3, mp4, avi... everything is playing straight from the live cd... ubuntu, not soo much!
Aaron-A-Arts Jan 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i have a mint disc.. i've played around with it live but i've never bothered to really compare ;)
I found myself with this same setup in early 2009. I used it for about a year, i had ubuntu 9.04 running with xp pro in virtualbox.

Firstly, i do think ubuntu is great to customize, it's the best OS for that by far imo. I think really it's the only reason i used it for so long. I found that anything i couldn't do on ubuntu, i could do on xp in virtualbox - which was cool - until i realised that i could infact do EVERYTHING in windows - and have no need to return to ubuntu!

It just didn't make any sense to me to keep using virtualbox every time ubuntu couldn't do something for me - when in the reverse situation (using windows), this problem didn't exist. So i gave it up and found one of the great pirated versions of win7 ultimate and installed that, along with a pirated copy of CS5 and office 2007. LOVELY! :D

If you're having fun with ubuntu, that's all that's important, we all reach our own conclusions as to what works best for us - so i won't pretend to think i know best!

Here's my ubuntu with the mac4lin setup - [link]

and with another theme, i put the details in comments there - [link]

Seeing your pics makes me wanna go and play with ubuntu again, i have 10.10 fresh installed on a spare HDD, but i never got around to setting it up - i think i'll be doing that now! :D
Aaron-A-Arts Jan 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
what i like the most about linux is that basically everything is free and open source. i don't have to buy or find pirate software every time i want to preform an advanced function. and on ubuntu almost everything i want or need is simply there from the start. and to top it off i don't have run multiple programs all day every in an effort to prevent viruses. (you really don't need to do that on windows either ;) but still)
Fair enough mate, i agree with you really. Being chained to windows freaking sucks, i know enough people who gotta work on win xp with ie6 all day, fortunately i'm not one of them!
Aaron-A-Arts Jan 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
agreed. i really like virtualbox. i don't feel a significant performance problem, and if you autohide the taskbar and maximize the window it may as well be another app on your ubuntu desktop =D
Maybe i'll give it a go again soon.
Slifer2006 Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Haven't seen any SS with virtualBox before, very unique ;)
mACrO-lOvE Jan 27, 2011  Student Interface Designer
looks cool ;)
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